Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Magic Is In The Air...

Me thinks perhaps tis the Autumn underway...right around the corner.

The air is crackling with energy...sweet yet mysterious vibes. I feel it all around me. What exactly is surrounding me with such force that makes me smile in anticipation??

I bite my lip playfully as I look around me and wonder. What enchantment has nature put me under? For I know that the slightest hint of coolness in the air...the merest whisper of change in season casts a spell of splendor...

wistfulness...and contentment in all that surrounds me.

I light the scented candles. My kitchen smells of freshly baked oatmeal cookies (though I did bake brownies last night)...the rest of the house is scented in an aroma of crisp Autumn. It's tough to explain the essence. Let's just say that a whiff of it has you seeing colorful leaves in abundance, pumpkins on the steps, a stew on the stove, herbs harvested and hung to dry, and an apple pie freshly baked...piping hot.

This is the magical spirit permeating the house at this moment. This is my witch's brew for the season...this is the spell I'm casting for all who enter my abode. Enchantment is everywhere. Come visit...I'll have my cauldron on the fire. It'll be brewing a smile, warmth, a nice cup of tea, an afghan made by my own hands to keep you warm on chilly evenings, a book to take you away to other lands, laughter, soft music, a cat on the lap, and most of all...comfort to lull you to the land of nod when the lights go out.

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Ms. B said...

Oh I love autumn! It has such a nice feel to it!!