Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Door Closes, Another One Opens........Welcome New Year!

As this year ends and a new one approaches, I sit here, looking back over the year, I am struck by a thought......I once told someone that when God closes one door another will open.  I believe that with all my heart.  This approaching new year is my next open door.  I want to walk through that door with my heart wide open and my soul full of all the possibilities that lie ahead for me.

But I first must reflect back on the year that has so changed my life.  In just a few short words....I survived......I went through fire and came out the other side, a little toasted around the edges, but I came through it.  I made new discoveries about who I am, where I am headed, who I want to take with me, how I want to live my life.......

In this past year I have laughed and I have cried, I have loved and I have been loved, I was married and now I am a widow.  I again have come through a serious illness, though remnants of which will be with me for the rest of my life. 

My support base (mother and father) have passed to the other side.  My husband (though we had a troubled marriage) was also a support base for me, has also passed to the other side.  Three such devasting lossses brought me to my knees.  But then, yes there on my knees, I found the strength I needed to move forward.

This past year not only brought sadness but it brought some surprises too.  New friends, old
acquaintances, and memories thought long ago put up, brought down from the attic of my mind, to be rediscovered again and delighted at and sighed over in loving fondness..............treasures no one can take away.

This is the old year, the past year. 

I await the new year with all the new possibilities it will bring......hope, joy, happiness, life,  friendship, love, desire....................I welcome it all.........with arms wide open.......a heart open to love and desire...........a soul full of joy and wonder.............

Welcome New Year!

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