Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Open Book

I don’t know exactly what it is about books that enchant me so, but I could spend hours in a book store especially a vintage one just looking at the covers and bindings alone. And the smell....the smell of books.  You just can't get that smell and touch of a book with a Kindle.

The obsession doesn’t stop there…reading has always been a favorite past time of mine especially during the summer months. That being said, its probably obvious what my other obsession would be, libraries…in home ones to be exact.

I promised myself years ago that I WOULD have a great in home library that was a place to escape, discover, and imagine. Of course just setting up some bookshelves works just fine too, the idea of a room that is devoted to books, your books, in your own home........

These are not even close to what my “library” looks like but they are visions of what I hope it will one day. thanks for the inspiration!

1 comment:

Erum said...

your library might not be like this but i'm sure (from your reading taste), that it must be a great place to spend one's time