Friday, September 30, 2011

These are a few things I know about me:

I love to dance in the moonlight.
I love to dance in the rain.
I like ice cold root beer on a hot summer night
I like Darjeeling tea
I like hot chocolate on a cold winter night
I prefer Fall to Summer
I love to hear the sound of, and see geese flying overhead
I love fog
I prefer night to day
I love snowy owls
I like to cuddle with the one I love
I like a man with deep intelligence and a little sarcastic wit
I have a thing for blue eyes
I have a thing for men in uniform ( preferably military)
I have a thing for an Irish accent
Chinese or Italian food? Chinese
Italian or Mexican food? Italian
I love the sound of a wolf's howl.
I love the purr of a cat.
I like the unconditional love of a dog
I prefer the written word
I prefer a book over a Kindle
If I could, I would travel the world
I love a good mystery
I am as curious as a cat
I am sometimes as mysterious as a cat
I worry too much
I feel things deeply (sometimes too deeply)
I can be a perfectionist at work
I sometimes like being alone
I sometimes can't stand being alone
I don't swim
I love the sound of water
I love being around water.
I don't drink, except for a glass of wine on occasion, and even rarer margarita if out with the girls
I don't smoke, never have
I don't do drugs, never have
I like antiques and vintage items
I love music
I love art
I love photography
I am a quiet person, but will open up once I get to know someone
I like someone who can make me laugh, really laugh
I cry very easily ( even at sappy commercials)
I like to cook
I like to play Scrabble
I play way to much Solitaire
I am a Spiritual person
I can sit for hours an look at the night sky and ponder many things
......I like someone who can make me laugh, really laugh........

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