Sunday, October 30, 2011

By the Light of a Blue Lamp

Hello, my dear one
It seems our paths have crossed once again.
The last time together seems so long ago,
So many worlds away from now.
And yet, not that long ago.

We parted, my dear one, on not the best of terms.
Both of us wounding the other deeply.
I thought that I had put you out of my mind, my heart.
And yet, like the mist that rolls in over the hills,
You have slowly drifted back in.

My dear one,
I write this by the light of a blue lamp
The meloncholy blue
 that floats around me when I think of you.
That meloncholy blue of what if, what could have been.

I want to wish upon stars for your kiss,
I want to whisper your name to the shadows at midnight,
I want to cry out to the moon for your touch upon me,
I want to.....I want to.......
My dear one, I want to know you again.

By the light of a blue lamp,
This meloncholy blue lamp, I write these words
Hoping they find their way to you
My dear one, I am so deeply sorry
I am so deeply sorry for the pain I  have caused you

I am sorry for not being who or what you wanted
I am sorry for words said in pain and anger
I am sorry for never having the chance
To show you how much you mean to me

My dear one, I write this to you
These words are all I have
Please forgive this scribe
For putting down these words
By the light of a blue lamp.

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