Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Writer Lives... a story "Through The Secret Keyhole

It's been ages since I lasted posted, but for good reason.
Do you ever feel "bloggers guilt" after not posting as you regularly do? I had felt that a lot lately and decided that I needed to take a break and let that go. Blogging is supposed to be something fun - not a chore you must keep up on. Thus, I decided I would post whenever I wanted and not worry about some silly schedule. Our whole lives are scheduled down to the last minute (at least mine is) so why should this be? Blogging seems to fit seamlessly into some blogger's lives, but not mine.

The Writer Lives

......and here is a little story for all of you, 

Through The Secret Keyhole

She never dreamed she would grow old.
She felt young even today.
And in her heart of hearts, she certainly was.
She sat pondering this in that great big old house, that once was a home to everyone in her family...
Now, she lived in it alone.
Well, actually...
Everyone in the small village thought she was alone.
But, she wasn't.
She still skipped about, as if she were a girl of 12 -
And would run through the open pasture out back, and into the woods to her secret hiding place...
Everything felt to her, as cozy as cozy could be.
As beautiful as beautiful could be.
At night, when it was time for bed, someone else led the way up the rickety staircase...
And never ever did she feel alone.
Not even for a day.

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