Saturday, August 22, 2009


The older I get the more I realize that the end of my time as a person on this planet is creeping up on me. The phrase “life’s too short” isn’t just a cliche anymore and it’s clear that happiness isn’t something I can just continue to hope for.

People get stuck. They get stuck in relationships that are unfulfilling. Stuck in situations they know are destructive. Stuck in lives that don’t serve them well. When you’re being dishonored or treated poorly, you’ve already given the other person permission to do so. You’ve acquiesced, given up some of your boundaries, decided to be lazy about defending your most prized possession – your own self worth. You’ve let someone else chip away at it and steal the pieces it until there’s little, or even nothing left.

I’ve been stuck over and over and over. When a less than optimal life is all you think you deserve, you’re destined to stay there because nobody is going to ride in, swoop you up and carry you off into the sunset. Nobody can give you your own unique recipe for rebuilding belief in yourself. And nobody can force you to realize this: it’s not selfish to be happy.

Being stuck means you’ve caved into fear – fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar. Fear of failing. Fear of seeking happiness. Fear of reaching out and grabbing great, giant handfuls of life and stuffing yourself full with them.

Getting unstuck forces you to answer this question: Are you brave enough to save yourself? Or have you given in to silent acquiescence?


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