Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dance Me Around the Moon

Put your hand in mine
I will lead the way
Push through all the clouds
To the dance floor of the sky

So here we are amont the stars
Looking at each other
And with a twinkle in your eyes
The music begins to play

I lean in real slow
My lips, they ache for yours
Lights reflect upon your face
True love - it really shows

I can sense you have guessed
So the lights they dim
And the moment I have longed for
Dance me around the moon

- by glimmerwitch (Jan Mecke)

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joanne May said...

Beautiful poem Glimmerwitch!:)
Welcome to blogging. I am now following you!:)
Come and visit me if you like. I like all things witchy and fairy. You might enjoy my blog and meet some more like minded people. I'm an illustrator and a writer.
Hope to see you again soon.
Jo May.:)