Tuesday, December 1, 2009

...On Loneliness

Last evening was yet another evening like all the others.. I made myself a simple dish, poured some wine into a goblet, and watched the night settle in gently through my window.

The changing night sky was divine as I savored the the wine, and Billie Holiday playing on the stereo as my only company.

Funny how one can embrace being alone, for sometimes it does becomes habit. However, this evening found me feeling the loneliness. I sat there, with life and beauty surrounding me....eating alone.
The loneliness was so thick...still is...I can cut it with a knife.

I don't know why I posted this here, when most of time I'm my ever cheerful self...probably just the need to share my feelings. Besides, writing about it is a form of release and therapy.

Please...it's not to garner sympathy or anything of the like. I'll be fine and this too shall pass.

I guess I just wanted the company and you have all been so wonderful. Thank you for always dropping by and reminding me that there is a world out there with so many beautiful individuals.

I need not feel alone.

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