Sunday, November 21, 2010

Who or What am I?

Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking about some of the titles I've held throughout my life. Think I will list some, if not most, of them here and now.

I came into the world as daughter, sister, niece, cousin, and grand-daughter. Progressively, I became nuisance, tree climber, constant reader and then - oh horrors, a teen-ager! Suddenly, I found myself as baby sitter, continued constant reader, daydreamer, aunt, receptionist, file clerk, and then, a cancer survivor.

Soon, I became a secretary, then I took on the title of administrative assistant.

I then became wife, camper, fisherman, hunter, part-time receptionist, full-time manufacturing clerk, and now my life has taken a sudden turn when I became a widow!

As I take a gander over my shoulder at all the things I've done, all the wonderful people I've met and came to know, the memorable places I've visited, the joys and sorrows encountered, and the tastes and smells of foods from all over the world (some of which you wouldn't have found me putting in my mouth EVER!), I truly believe I've had about as much pleasure and cried as many tears as any one person could expect to have in one lifetime.
Regrets? Not really, because from each mistake and/or tragedy, I learned valuable lessons and became a much stronger person! Would I want to do it all over again? At one time, I thought maybe I would, but sanity returned immediately! The past cannot be changed or altered in any way - if I didn't learn from the past, I've been a failure! If I've learned, I may not be a magnificent success, but I faced the world with bravado and said, "Come on, give me your best shot, I can take it!"

Who am I? Woman, good friend, neighbor, daughter, and I'm me the best way I know how to be.

What am I? Honest, truthful, kind, sentimental, caring, and widow! Widow doesn't describe who I am, it is merely another definition of what I am!

For some reason I felt the need to post this today - I believe it was to help me more than anyone else!

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