Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Am A Child of the Moon and the Stars

Fortune Teller can you see,
What my future's going to be
You can see it all in your crystal ball, tell me,
Tell me, tell me,
What you see.
I went to the Fortune Teller the other day.  I needed to get out of the house.  Have some fun.  Not expecting anything.  Not seeking anything.  Just wanted out of my self-inflicted exile.
The room was cheery and cozy.  Not at all what I expected.  The Fortune Teller was an older woman,  Still beautiful.  Dark hair with glints of gray.  Laughing dark eyes. She told me to sit and asked what could she do for me today.  All I told her was that I was just looking for a way to pass the afternoon.  Nothing more.  She said that was fine, and she pulled out her Tarot cards.  We sat in silence as she shuffled and spread them out on the table.  She then began to read the cards.  She told me the usual things that one always expects when getting your fortune told.  Good luck, bad luck, lucky in love, unlucky in love, new job, new home. etc.
It was just what I had expected.  A pleasant and fun way to pass the afternoon.  When she was done and I paid my small fee and thanked her, I stood up to leave and she followed me to the door.  at this point she took my hand in hers and said to me: 
                   "You are a child of the Moon and the Stars.  Born under a Water Sign.  In the Eleventh House.
Upheaval has been lurking in your life for so long now, you feel lost.  You have closed off.  Shut down.  You don't or won't let anyone in.  You've rebuilt that wall around you and your heart you had once torn down.
That door is closing.  A new one is opening.  Old is leaving.  New is coming.  Some doors you thought were closed will open back up.  Be willing to let this happen.  You may be surprised at what that door has behind it.  That wall uou built will crumble.  It is beginning to crumble.  You are a child of the Moon and the Stars.  Trust in them to protect you and to guide you.  Life will return, is returnng to your soul.  Let it come.  Welcome it."
I left there breathless.  I never told her about anything that I have been through this past year and half, and yet in these parting words to me, she summed up how I felt, how I was feeling, how I wanted to feel.  I went home and that night I was restless.  I paced the floor.  I was like a caged wild animal.  I needed to get outside.  So, at around 1:30 am  I stepped out onto my patio.  The night was hot, humid, but it felt wonderful to be outside.The walls of my apartment were closing in on me.  I looked up into the night sky.  There is was.  The most beautiful Full Moon I have ever seen.  And stars.  Stars just seem to fill the sky.  And I knew.  The Fortune Teller was right.  I believe things are going to get better.  I look forward to whatever new doors (or old) open up.
I am a child of the Moon and the Stars.  Born under a Water Sign in the Eleventh House. 

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