Monday, July 4, 2011

It is so very, very hard to enjoy anthing.......

It is so very, very hard to enjoy anything right now.  Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries.  Nothing.  I feel nothing but emptiness.  Loneliness.  Sorrow.  I try very hard not to cry, but sometimes, sometimes the tears just come............It's been 1 year 8 months since my mother passed away, 1 year sine my father passed away and 9 months since my husband passed away.  So much loss in such a short time, I do not know how I even make it out of bed each day. 

Week-ends are hard, but I know they only last two days and then I can go back to work.  But a holiday like this one, where I have four days off.....this is a killer for me.  Memories come and all I want to do is not remember.

When will it not be so very, very hard...........When?!

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