Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary to me......I miss that single carnation

Today would have been my 10th wedding anniversary.  I was married December 14 2001 in Savannah Missouri at the old courthouse. 

Today I am really feeling the loss of my husband.  His passing has been hard.  But with each day that goes by the pain eases, the tears don't flow as much.  But today, today is hard.

We have done the romantic rustic cabin getaways to celebrate.  We have gone out to dinner to celebrate.  We have done funny things to celebrate.  I miss the funny things most.   The little funny stuffed animals left for me in cupboards or closets.  Dressing the "kids" (kitties) up in funny hats with "happy anniversary" written on them.  So many things.  I miss it.  I miss him. 

The very first day we went out he brought me a single carnation.  Every Dec 14th he would bring me a single carnation.  He has given me roses before.  But that single carnation is what I miss.  Not really a good day today. 

I miss that single carnation.

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