Sunday, January 22, 2012

the key

my mind and heart are on two different pages, nowadays. my mind is logical, sensible, focused on important things. a realist. my heart is wild, unruly, chaotic. a romantic. and for this reason, i keep it locked safe and sound behind the firm bars of my ribcage.

the skeleton key--opener of all my many mysteries--burns a hole in my pocket, protecting my darkest secrets.

it seeks for a new master. but i can't give it one.

my body aches to be touched.
my lips itch to be kissed.
my hands pray to be held.
my brain pleads to be understood.
my heart lusts to be loved.

but at the moment, a creeping premonition diseasing my brain leaks its poison through my veins into my already frustrated heart. whispering its hurtful words.

you'll never get what you want.

and you will never be loved.

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