Sunday, January 3, 2010

Book of Life

Books to the cieling

Books to the sky,

My pile of books is a mile high.

How I love them! How I need them!

I'll have a long beard by the time I read them.

Arnold Lobel

Hope not..anyway..couldn't live without them

Books...are like lobster shells, we surround ourselves with 'em, then we grow out of 'em and leave 'em behind, as evidence of our earlier stages of development.

Dorothy L. Sayers (1893 - 1957)

Well,there are a many stages in my bookcase..

What did those many books teach I older and wiser..

The books told me a story about life,and I know now, that I know notting...

And that this "development" only stops when I stop...and my book of life ends.

Though the pages are numbered

I can't see where they lead

For the end is a mystery no-one can read

In the book of my life

And a wonderful book it has been,hope to write some more..

Enjoy your book of life can do it only once..with a little trust and a lot of love you will be fine...

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