Saturday, January 2, 2010

No Big Deal....Being Short

This post is especially dedicated to all my short/small friends out there. I am a small person. Mind you when I say small, I mean small! Being carried by short legs is no easy task, but one gets used to not ever reaching the top shelf at the supermarket and having to ask a perfect stranger to get you the box of whatever it is one needs. Luckily, tall people are always willing to help and they do it with a smile on their face and a slight shake of their heads. You can almost hear what they are thinking: “Ah, this poor short woman, how cute!” 

To be honest, in spite of all the setbacks, such as never finding pants or coats that really fit and must always be altered, I like my height (or lack of). It’s got definite advantages. I am ever so comfortable flying on Economy Class, and while everyone else is suffering from cramps, I can even cross my legs! If I fall I can’t really get too hurt since I’m already close to the ground. In case of an emergency I can hide under a large flower pot… well, there are just too many advantages to mention.

When one is short/small, wearing high heel shoes is not a choice. It's a way of life, at least to me. In a society where looks are so important, I find that more respect is given to taller people. I don’t know why this is but on the rare occasions when I wear flat shoes I do not get half the attention as when I wear high heels (this could be due to the fact that I am not really visible standing amidst everyone else) whatever the reason, high heel shoes are the main staple in my wardrobe and yes, they are always uncomfortable and make my feet hurt but who cares? A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do

Stools and step ladders? Yes, I confess. I own an entire collection and they are scattered throughout every room in my house
And so to make a long story short, (no pun intended) I just want to say that while I wish to have been born with longer legs, I am perfectly happy to be just cute-little-old-me, after all, great things come in small packages... so I’ve been told

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