Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Am a Scorpio......

Who Scorpio is: Let’s face it, pal, you’re looking at one of the most enigmatic signs in the zodiac - but also one of the most unfairly maligned. It’s true that Scorpios are intense, sensitive, magnetic, and powerful. And their secretive demeanor is legendary (though they’d prefer to be called discreet). But they’re as loyal as the day is long, exceptionally intuitive, energetic and will never pout or nag. In fact, you won’t even know they’re mad until you get that strange stinging sensation on the back of your neck and start feeling all poisony. You’ve been struck by the scorpion’s tail. Fierce in their convictions, Scorpios can be identified by their deep, piercing eyes and – unbeknownst to you – have probably hypnotized you into acting like a chicken on several occasions. If you think you know a Scorpio, think again. If you’ve managed to win a Scorpio’s trust and loyalty, you’re lucky. But watch it.

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