Saturday, March 26, 2011


I once had stable ground to stand on, but now who will I have to turn to? No one. I am alone and hopeless. Tortured and…and…nothing. No words can explain what I am, or better yet what I am not. I am nothing and I have no one. I have lost everyone, everyone who ever mattered. I will be left here to rot away and die. Consumed by the hungry beasts who already are beginning to eat away at my soul. Oh, God… oh God please help me. Please help me find strength and light in a time where I feel like I have none at all. Help me to put the light back in my eyes. Help me to just be okay and take away this wretching feeling in the pit of my stomach. Be here for me and show me that I’m not alone in this cruel world. That I have someone who actually could care for a person like me.

But do they know I have no one to depend on? Do they know I am self destructive and tourtured? Do they know that I am hurt, angry, sad, frustrated, and most importantly… alone? No. Because they never bother to ask. They have no idea what I’m going through.

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