Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Change is Coming

A change is coming.  I can feel it in my bones.  You know that feeling.  When so many things are happening in your life all at one time, one right after the other.  You just know.  Life is preparing a change for you.  This time, I hope it is a good one.  I am really ready for a change.  A major shake up, if you will.  I have been dealing with do many things and issues since the passing of  my parents.  My dad worked for the government, so that takes time and paperwork to deal with his benefits.  Making sure everything that could get paid (nursing home, etc) out of those funds got paid.  Also the passing of my husband, at the same time and has left me....well...let's just say....not myself, confused, angry, sad....all of that all at the same time.  Plus some financial issues there too. 

Things right now seem to be slowly working their way to a conclusion.  Amd I think when that conclusion finally arrives, I'll be ready for whatever comes next.  Whatever change comes into my life at that time.  Whether it happens to be a town to live in, A new job. Or the same town I'm in witht he same job. But peace in my life....I'm ready.  I'm ready for some kind of change.  This time I will meet it with arms wide open.

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