Wednesday, April 11, 2012

today is good enough

hello there my friends. it's been quiet around here. and really, that is such a good thing. i have started fitting meditation into my life again. it's personal, one on one. i kind of love it, it makes me feel whole again. the moments, the silence, the time alone with my thoughts, it brings me back to a feeling of home.

these last weeks have been filled with challenges and set backs. i must say the set backs are worth it, if there is learning along the way. let me say this for the record - anxiety is a m.f !

"your going to be just fine". i think i am a positive person by nature, and i have realized, i am most drawn to people who have found a way, during the ups and downs. it seems like there are some beautiful souls, that just fold and tuck their heartache beside their hearts- only to unfold and untuck, when feeling that sharing their stories, may help another. so many people have done that for me. i hope to be that person for someone, someday. ... to outstretch my arms, hand palmfuls of words or silence, that comfort or cause laughter, at times these offerings are needed most. i think, maybe, i might have done this at times in my life. that is an important thing to me, to be there for others, show kindness first. i am so grateful for those, who have taken time with me, served me warm bowls of patience and understanding, listening while i laugh, or cry, shake like a leaf, and at times, be the bravest leader, i know how to be.

it's alright to be afraid of the unknown

fear sucks! i'm all like, fear you didn't get an invite to the party, so why are you here?! lol

handwritten letters are a beautiful form of art

an old friend is just what the heart needs at times

family is the most important thing in the world

today is...

another yummy round of homemade granola

leftovers for dinner



today is good enough. : )

i send you love and tenderness... by the palmfuls.



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