Thursday, October 1, 2009

Serenity Of The Moment

I love this...the peace and calm. The clouds are nigh, and the brisk breeze is blowing through the windows. Outside those windows, the Rose of Sharon trees tremble slightly...politely nudged by the wind. The linden waves to me in its tall, majestic splendor...protective in shade and in sheltering those beautiful creatures of nature. The herbs are whispering softly, asking to be harvested very soon

....before the first frost makes pretty cold pearls of the dew upon their green.

The rain is hovering...waiting for the right moment to cascade upon this earth. I welcome it with a smile and invite it to come down and make its beautiful, hypnotic sounds as it falls upon my window panes. An unfinished book is lying upon the table..beckoning me to turn its pages and lose myself in its world. The kettle too is calling...reminding me that a cup of tea will complete the serenity surrounding me.

How tranquil I am at this in love with this precise point in my life.

Perhaps this reverie will dissipate shortly. But for now...this very minute...this moment is mine...all mine.

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SeeThroughGreen said...

Hey! thanks for following my blog! It is always best to capture a moment and live in it eh? So many people get caught up in the then and when and why nots of life and they forget that there is so mych going on around them that all they need to do is stop and take a breath. You capture that moment beautifully :)