Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Child of the Night

I love the first glimpse of the day's sun. A new beginning.'s dusk I truly embrace....especially at this time of year. I love when it gets dark early and cooler, colder in the evening. When nighttime comes...I am enveloped in its darkness with comfort and a sense of serenity. Could it be that I feel protected by the stars that peep at this time? Or is it perhaps the moon watching over me...providing the glow of the eve?

No matter. I am a child of the night.

Daytime may offer promises of new beginnings, but nighttime brings many possibilities. Wishes made upon a star are ever more granted. Blessings under the light of the moon ever more powerful. Dreams under the blanket of deep purple...ever more beautiful.

The rustling leaves are making my music for this eve. The wind is still howling lightly. The nighttime clouds are looking ever so fluffy this pulled cotton balls, softly caressing the sky. I hear the crickets, still holding on to the vestiges of summer. Poor little ones...pretty soon their song shall be silenced till next year.

I am one with the night at this very moment. I smile for the possibilities it offers and for its comforting embrace when I close my eyes and head out to the land of nod. I shall now blow out the candle....tis time for night's embrace.

Feeling quite blissful...and just a tad bit wistful.

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