Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Change upon the horizon

Tis quiet and I sit here within the tranquil calm...allowing the solitude its gentle embrace.

I sit here in the comfort of my chair and I haven't much to say...I just feel.

The universe is working its mysteries and making plans...

I feel it. Things are slowly happening...unfolding. I watch and wait...for my life has been put on hold since 2006. I am no stranger to waiting. There is a feeling...something is brewing and it's not mischief. No. An awakening of sorts is within my world. Change is upon the horizon...again.

Tis not a bad change..I feel good vibes.

No matter..good, bad, indifferent. Life is molded by change and after all is said and done, we grow wiser (we hope) and learn another lesson.

Life is happening..the wheel is spinning. I smile...and wait.

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