Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some things I just can't get enought of.................

*Incense - its cheaper than scented candles and smells just as good. I also adore the way the incense smoke floats around (its kind of beautiful). Currently i am burning aloe incense. My favourites are vanilla and Sandalwood.

* Royal blue - I'm over pink for now...and totally into royal blue. It really seems to suit me too (probably due to my darker hair). I need a beautiful royal blue dress for spring/summer.

* Mint chocolate - This is by far my favourite kind of chocolate at the moment. Whether its dark or milk chocolate -if it has mint in it, I will love it (and I will not want to share).

* Flowers - In my opinion, nothing uplifts a space (or my mood) like a nice bunch of flowers in a vase. I absolutely would buy a bunch of fresh cut flowers every week if I could afford it - BUT Since I'm on the broke side I may have to climb into peoples gardens and "borrow" flowers. (multi coloured roses and Stargazers are my fav's right now).

* Stretching - I love stretching. It makes me feel great and has really been increasing my flexibility (i can touch my toes, hooray!). I seriously need to buy some Yoga DVDs or start looking for a yoga/Pilate's class to join.

* The book im reading - The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova is such an interesting book. I have not been making a lot of time to read lately, but when I do I so enjoy the journey this book is taking me on. It’s a bit dark, very detailed and probably not for everyone.

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