Monday, June 21, 2010


I have a friend who has been teaching me about Magickal Judaism.  What she has taught me has opened up new paths of discovery for me.  Made me think about some of the paths I have chosen and why.  She gave me a key to the door between the worlds. I don’t think she ever knew — or to this day knows what a catalyst she was in my life.
She has created what she calls her List of Seven Principles of Belief.  The idea came from RamBams’s 13 Principles. They are as follows:

1. “Thou shall have no other God before me.”

2.  “I create as I speak”.

3.  The Torah is a Tree of Life

4.  The Renewal of the Soul

5.  The Messiah

6.  The Power of Blessing

7.  Blessed are those who keep the Sabbath

All very powerful beliefs.  All have meaning in my life right now.  I thank my friend for showing me this path at a time when I needed it the most.
But on to the Eco-Kosher.  My friend is Jewish married to a non-Jewish man.  She has devolped this document about Eco-Kosher and I wanted to share this with you.  I find this probably one of the easiest practices of being conscious of what we eat, how we eat and as I follow this and study more it becomes second nature to me.
"I believe that my soul is directly intertwined with the world around me. A blade of grass contains a spark of the Divine, the same as any animal or human – I must respect not only my body, but also the animals and plants that are sacrificed to maintain my body. For my magick to be effective, my word must be true and in harmony with the Divine energy in all things.

אברא כדברא — I create as I speak.

To this effect, below I present my definition of “Kosher” eating and living. What is presented is an ideal. Each lifetime is a process of learning. Just like in school we strive for 100% on an exam, but are not crushed by receiving an 85%. My goal is to receive high marks, even if, being human, I do not reach perfection.

This document, like life, is a work in progress.

Ethical Living

Honor the Divine in all its forms.

Honor the Elements, the Spirits of Nature, and Heavenly Beings.

Honor the Ten Commandments of Moses.

Honor my Ancestors.

Speak honestly and behave in an upright fashion.

Put ethics above material gain.

Live each day fully. Live with joy. Live with excitement. Live with intent.

Harness my natural talents, provide opportunities for them to grow, and share them with others.

Encourage the dreams of those around me.

Live in harmony with nature. Care for the Earth to leave a better world for those who come after me.

Choose “green” products over more harmful ones.

Creatively re-use products whenever possible.

Plant native plants and landscape in a way that is beneficial to my environment.

Ethical Eating - (Explore Sacred Food around Washington, DC)
Sacred Eating Practice Recommended Reading

Whenever possible local agriculture should be supported through an active effort to purchase locally-grown/raised/produced foods.

Eat foods that are in season, to keep my body in tune with the natural cycles of the world around me.

Support smaller, independent food producers should also be actively supported.

Organic and non-genetically modified food products, fruits, vegetables, and grains

Food products sold by ethical, eco-conscious companies

“Clean” Animals raised in an ethical manner

Cage free / Pastured

No growth hormone or unnecessary antibiotics

Fed natural healthy food – no animal byproduct for cows, chickens, etc.

Slaughtered in a responsible manner that does not cause unnecessary pain or distress.

Limit consumption of high-fructose corn syrup which is used to enhance the profits of manufacturers

Avoid all food products that contain Hydrogenated Oils and Partially-hydrogentated Oils, which serve no value for the body, potentially cause great harm, and only are used to increase the profits of the producers.

Do not be ignorant of what I am eating — read labels

Return what I do not eat to the earth (compost!)"

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