Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The WIld Child is Letting Her Hair Down

Ok, cool it gang.  Enough with the emails.  And by the way, Finn and Mary Kate, you are in Ireland, please don't call me.....I will not talk to you in the wee hours of the morning.....we are not going on a road trip!!!!

In regards to the previous post about my circle of friends, My closes friends, the ones right in the center with me, are screaming at me through emails and threatening early morning phone calls, if I do not explain more of the wild child that I am.  They tell me I did not do it justice.  I need to explain more.  So I've thought about this and I think this will satisfy them, make them laugh so hard they....well you know what happenes when you laugh so hard.

So when you first meet me, I am quiet, shy, just sit back and take everything in, trying to figure you out, how much of me to let out and so on.  When I am comfortable with you a magic transformation happens,  I open up, talk, laugh, do crazy things and so on.

In other words, oh Finn you're going to love this.......the shy retiring Madame Librarian turns into the Wild Child, the Mistress of Ceremonies, at your service, ready for anything, almost at a moments notice, if I'm not the one coming up with the ideas.  It's like night and day.  It's like a light going on and off.  We can just be sitting around telling stories, talking about anything and everything, laughing and crying, sometimes at the same time.  Other times, we off on road trips, camping, exploring, looking into haunted houses, museums, art galleries anything that just catches are fancy at the time.

For thos of you who do not know me quite as well, I know you are thinking, there's no way, no way at all, she's too quiet, too shy, some of you might even be saying she can carry a conversation?!?  Yes I can, you would be surprised at what I do.  I surprise myself sometimes too.  (Quit laughing Finn).

So if you want to see Madame Librarian turn into Mistress of Ceremonies, just stick it out with me for a little bit, and I guarantee you she will emerge.  I really, really can't keep her hidden, this wild child.  She is wanting out more and more.  Oh boy is she wanting out and it is all because of someo.......well that is private between  me and ............. And when she does get out, I wonder what kind of trouble she's going to get me into......................

Madame Librarian

Mistress of Ceremonies

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