Friday, June 25, 2010

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Walking towards tomorrow,
Slowly coming to a pause
Staring at the face of a stranger
One who remembers,
One who is lost…
“Leave behind the facade,” She whispers
“Forget today the meaning of why, remember who you are, wake the Soul inside…”
Walking away from yesterday
Taking moments time to reflect
A glimpse of an old face, a distant place
One which has yet to rest.

“A minute seems like years,” He states
“Moments in eternities, time is an uncertainty…”
“Remember my friend, and take this to your stage… remember my life, for meaning is worth little when the play has yet to arise…”
Standing in this moment,
Before the fork of time.

One path brings tomorrow,
One can bring back time…
For now I shall wait at yesterday’s tomorrow
For now I shall stay,
In Now…