Wednesday, August 11, 2010

But You Got To Have Friends......(My Gray Mfg Friends)

Oh, you got to have friends,
the feeling's oh so strong.
You got to have friends
to make that day last long.
Oh and do I have some friends!  The best people in the world!  My lovely friends at my work gave me a beautiful bracelet the other day.  It was one I had been looking at for a awhile and really wanted.  But at the time that I would have gotten it, my father passed away and I was dealing with that emotional  watershed.  Plus I was trying to get my "new" used car.  And someone I care deeply about was half a world away and I was missing him and trying to keep him in my thoughts for a safe journey and safe return. 
Let's just say that week was difficult, packed with so many emotions going through me,  sadness at my loss, frustrated with trying to get a car and really finding out how much you can miss someone (though the good part about that week is that we did have some "conversations", albeit short, between us.
But back to the bracelt and the friends...these wonderful girls that I work with knew how hard that week was on me and that I really wanted that bracelet.  They got together and bought that bracelet for me.  Tears come to my eyes even as I write this.....this gesture of friendship has moved me in ways that I can not explain to them.  I love these girls, they have been through a lot with me, they know my secrets, my desires, my hopes.  They know me.  I do not know what I would do with out them.
So here, into the Universe I send my deepest love and respect and hearfelt thanks to you ....
Lori, Christina, Marily, and Raenae......I do not think I would have made it through some of the tough time without you.....I am so thankful to God for bringing you guys into my life.

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