Monday, August 30, 2010

Through The Looking Glass

Once upon a time there was girl who found a looking glass.  A very beautiful looking glass.  She treasured this looking glass.  One while admiring this looking glass the glass began to go all soft like gauze.  It was beginning to turn into a mist, the glass was beginning to melt away, just like a bright silvery mist.

And then all of sudden, she tumbled through the glass.  And was falling.  No, not really falling, floating down. Downward through a kaleidoscope of colors.  Beautiful colors.  Deep, rich colors.  She had never seen anything  like it before.

But then, then the colors began to fade.  They began to fade to a gray mist.  And still she floated downward.  And the gray mist turned to a more darker shade of gray, not quite black but gray.

And then with a gentle thud, she landed at the bottom.  Not sure where she was, she stood and looked around for something, anything familiar.  Nothing.  Nothng was familiar.  It was all shades of gray and gloomy.

Where should she go.  What should she do.  She had no clue.  She was lost.  Unable to move.  And then in the distance she heard a noise.  It did not frighten her.  It wasn't that kind of noise.  It was somethine, no, someone talking.  Talking to who.  She could just barely hear them.  They were definitely talking.  Were they talking to her. 

They were coming closer, she could hear them.  Not sure where they were.  But she could hear them.  And then...there he was.  Bursting forth from the gray...the Mad Hatter.  Chattering away, he definitely was talking to her.  Wanting her to follow him.  "Come" he said,  "come to the party.  You are invited.  We shall have such a mad time there." 

He was like no other she had seen or met before.  Full of words, and stories.  He was charming and sweet and funny.  He was completely mad!  And she followed.  What else could she do?  The maddness was catching.

And so she went to the party.  A beautiful party it was too.  Full of laughter, playfulness and maddness.  The kaleidoscope of colors returned too.  Dancing around them, creating a magical feel to whole thing.

And then, just as quickly as he came, the Mad Hatter left the party.  She was having such a good time, that she did not see him leave.  It saddened her that he left.  But really it was only the Mad Hatter that left.  Not the laughter, nor the playfulness, nor the maddness.  They were still there to delight her.  And delight her they did.

But out of the corner of her eye, something caught her attention.  A flash of white.  A glint of blue eyes.  A hint of silver.  That rarest of all the creatures that she cherishes.  The White Rabbit.

There he was, watching her, wanting to communicatem but unable to.  For many things keep the White Rabbit constantly on the go.  Never truly taking the time to stop.  Always looking at his silver pocket watch.  Never truly letting anyone in to his world.

She beckons to him to come.  Come to the party.  Take just a little time and enjoy all that is laid out before him.  She sees the hesitation, she sees that he wants to come and join her. But then that darn silver pocket watch calls to him and he is off again.  Off in search of.....what?

So she is left there at the Tea Party by herself,  watching the others who are there enjoying the party and all it has to offer.  Hmmm, the party has lost some of its magic.  It's a little tarnished arund the edges.  The delights are no longer delightful. 

As she sits at the table, she catches another glimpse of the White Rabbit as he flashes by.  Off in the distance she can hear the Mad Hatter's laugh.  Oh so weary, she lays her forehead on her arms that folded on the table.  She closes her eyes just to rest for a second or two, before she tries to find a way home.......and she quietly sleeps......and when she wakes up.......she is back home in her own room staring at the beautiful looking glass.

Was it just a imagination gone, for in my hands are......the White Rabbit's silver pocket watch and the Mad Hatter's Hat.

The Mad Hatter's Hat has a place of honor next to the looking glass.  Every now and then I can hear his laugh come from the looking glass and I smile

And I carry the White Rabbit's watch with me, hoping to catch a glimpse, hoping that he'll stop long enough to.......

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