Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Companion

My companion is a crazed psycho.  Let me rephrase that statement.  My furball companion, Pumpkin, is a crazed psycho.  And I knew it when I let him into my home.  And I'm paying for it just about everyday.

 I found Pumpkin, not in a store, or shelter, but surviving on the streets.  He showed up on my front porch one day all cute, dirty and hungry.  And he knew how to work it.  I fed him, I gave him love, I gave him toys, but I made him stay outside.  I wasn't going to let him in my home.  No.  No way. Until....he left me a present one morning. 

I opened my door and there it was....his kill from the night before.  He left me....a dead rodent.  He sat there, looking at me, so proud of what he's done.  Hoping that I would be proud of him too.  In a way, I was.  That just meant one more of "those" that couldn't find their way into my house now.  But I did not want this to become a habit.  I did not want to find this, this display, everymorning I opened my door to go to work.

So I cleaned up the mess, all the while scolding him up and down, telling him he was a bad kitty for leaving this for me.  He just looked at me, clueless, and a little sad, that I wasn't as happy as he thought I should be.  Those big green eyes, that sad, cute little face.  Yes, he knows how to work me. Well, right then and there he became an indoor kitty.

I took this creature into my home and he has rewarded me many times over for this act of kindness I provided him.  Here are but a few of his rewards:

A few torn curtains, one set of mini blinds (beyond repair), a few broken trinkets, white fur everywhere, warms snuggles on a cold night, purrs of contentment and bliss that seem to go on forever, greeting me  at the door when I come home from work, blissfully being a lap kitty while I read, having the "cat knowledge" of knowing when I am sad and need to be cheered up or knowing when I need a good laugh.

It is nice to have this little guy with me.  Just knowing he's here with me makes me feel I am not so quite alone here in this apartment.  There is another living creature here with me.  And that is comforting.

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