Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I started this blog just a little over six years ago.  Just after my mother passed away.

I started, 1) because I love to write and wanted to share what I wrote with others and 2) to help me through the pain of loss, the loss of my mother.  Little did I know that within one year of starting this blog I would lose the three most important people in my life, my mother, my father, and my husband.  All within one year, November 2009, July 2010 and October 2010, the people I loved passed over to the other side.

So this blog, at that time, was my safe haven, my place to heal, survive, question, pray, cry.....everything just to get through that first year and the next two years after. And then for a little bit, it became my creative outlet.  I used it to work on my writing skills.  And just write.

And then, several years passed, and life took over, and I stopped writing here.  I did not stop writing.  I just stopped writing here.

But now I have decided to resurrect this blog from the ashes.  I have written so many things, journal upon journal of writings I want to share.  And I also find that I have need of the healing, catharsis aspect of this blog again.  Not because I have lost someone to death.  No, I lost something else.  Something that I need to figure out why I lost it.  Where did it go.  And can I ind something like it again.  Questions.  So many questions, but no answers.

Here in this blog I wish to explore those questions and see if I can find those answers,  And to those of you who are still following this blog, thank you.  Thank you for staying with me and welcome on this new journey with me.

Please also note, that at times there might be strong language and adult content written about in this blog.  It is all part of the journey, all part of the questions being asked and the answers sought.

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