Friday, August 21, 2015

Oh, the hour was late, and lord my day was long, the shower only washing off the physical grime of the day. I was trying to unwind and still even swaddled in my favourite soft, soft pajamas did nothing to help. I sighed, reaching for my ringing phone, I knew who was on the end of the ringing phone and the thought brought a smile to my face.

The sweet sound of his hello was like soft loose flower petals falling to my cheeks, caressing softly. Gravity pulling their velvety fingertips along my skin, causing a sweet sensation, a total relaxed laziness to wash over me, every tension quickly ebbed. I always marvel how this universe works, how over blazing distance, through the myriad of technological bliss his voice traveled. It traversed mountains and valleys, rivers, deserts and bays to nestle sweetly into my ear, to drip slowly like honey into my brain. At first we are both shy, but as all things in this universe go it fell into an easy motion. His voice reverberated, the vibrations of his low tone flowed and trickled over my senses. It softly tickled and trilled, thrilling me to the bone.

It may seem strange or even silly to find such a thing so thrilling, but of all the gifts that could be given this was my favorite. The thought and the time put into it, the personal touch, if only paltry words, were like a treasure to me. I could see the refracting color of diamonds, I could almost taste it like thick red wine on my tongue. Oh, and like wine that voice produced interesting reactions in my body and soul. I laid back slowly letting my eyes drift closed, setting myself afloat on a raft of possibility. The moment would have been just as scintillating if he were reading the dictionary or perhaps a take-out menu to me, but these words seemed to match the resonance and it was positively quixotic

His words caressed my ear in such puddle-wonderful ways, they lightly kissed the rim of my ear with more than perfect syntax. I felt sensual and feminine, I rolled my head holding the phone to my ear, feeling his sweet lips caress the words and my skin. I stretched feeling sultry and kitten like. I opened the tender parts of my sensitive neck for his verbal ministrations. He dropped the symphony of his voice to barely a whisper. As if this was a truly dazzling, dark red, beautiful secret that he breathed along the edge of my lips. A nearly supplicant confession that he read, but it came to me as from his soul, that he liked my body… when it was with his body. His rich rumbling words tumbled deep in his chest, and breathed out as a near sigh that he liked the how’s and why’s, the feel of the spine of my body and its bones… and the trembling of my limbs. I purred feeling the words like hands flowing, his tone like kisses along my skin, on my lips. Those words, that ebullient vibration that carried them pulled at my soul, arching my back and parting my lips yearning for more kisses. I ran my tongue along my bottom lip in welcome.

I lazily rolled to my side, my mind seeking, my soul alive and my body responding, nestling closely into the arms of his verse he chanted let it go, and yes I did, I let go all the weight on my soul. The days, the weeks, the years, hopelessness, and heartbreak, every pall upon my soul dropped like the leaded weight that they were and all of the universe was he and I. I knew not any sunshine friend, when all I felt was his always omnipresent beauty. I let go of it all, forgotten was everything, but that
susurrate roll of thunder that deliciously licked at my ear, mmm that nipped at my neck.

Nothing which is perceived in this world equals the power of our momentary intense fragility, our open, freely feeling, sampling, tasting, breathing… loving, and yet it didn’t matter that he wasn’t even in the room. He wasn’t even in the same city, but alas… mmm this dalliance was beyond anything ever written, felt, or understood, and it was mine. May I feel he pled, mmmm But I’ll squeal, I said. I felt his sigh against my face, and the kiss to my forehead and those strong arms holding me as I softly, sweetly, for once in the longest time peacefully slipped into a beautiful dreamed sleep

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