Monday, November 23, 2009

Home and Contentment

As the kettle busied itself with getting the tea water to full boil, I took off my shoes, and raised the volume on my classical music.  Finally, with a cup of Darjeeling in hand and a good book to lose myself in, I enveloped myself in total contentment of the moment. Sitting in my favorite room, on my favorite chair with a cat curled on my lap, I sighed and smiled. The comfort of a good cup of tea combined with the familiar beautiful surroundings eased my mind and soothed my soul.

I was home..plain and simple. The word itself, HOME, moves me to no end...for it is there my soul resides fully. The outside world has its charms no doubt....but it is my world, that which shelters me, warms me, and welcomes those near and dear...that world called home is the only one to ever have a hold of my heart. *sigh*

I admit it...I am a homebody and happy to be so.

What does your home mean to you?

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