Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random Notes

1. There is never a bad time for champagne

2. I eat alot of toast the weekend before payday

3. I'm definitely a winter girl. For me, there is something inspiring and soul searching about cold, gloomy, rainy weather

4. Tomorrow was promised to no one. All we have is today

5. When i fall inlove with a pair of totally impractical, yet gorgeous heels (the kind that can't walk in and I might only wear once or twice) I just have to buy them *winks*

6. Women waiting to catch a wedding bouquet can become quite dangerous and a bit crazed

7. Wearing sunblock is not optional during the day, its essential

8. I'm really bad at wrapping presents. I should stick to gift bags.

9. People who kiss me hello (or goodbye) on both cheeks always seem to take me by surprise - then i look awkward. *laughs*

10. There is no point worrying about things you can't control

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