Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I can't believe we are just a day away from Thanksgiving 2009. It seems just yesterday I was planting my herbs for my spring garden. Well never-the-less, I am happy about it. Two years ago was the last time I hosted Thanksgiving dinner. I am thrilled that this year I shall don my apron once again and have my friends and family over to celebrate and be grateful.

Poor Thanksgiving. It seems it's always overshadowed by Christmas. It doesn't stand a chance. Once Halloween is over...Christmas decorations are on display. As a child, I remember seeing paper cutouts of turkeys on windows in every shop and home. Pilgrims, pumpkins, and other symbols of Thanksgiving were a given and commonplace. You see very little of it today
I guess it shouldn't really matter. Thanksgiving is felt within our hearts...and we have reason to be ever so thankful on a daily basis. The first words I usually speak, when I open my eyes each morning are "Thank you for the blessing of another beautiful day of life."

Those words I have said, even during the worst of times.

So my dears...I wish you all a lovely weekend filled with many blessings..many reasons to be ever thankful.

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