Saturday, November 21, 2009


I'd like to think "IT" is around the corner...just waiting to surprise me. The moment...the day, I do not know...but I must wait.

Patience is a virtue, is it not? I shall sit as patiently as I can and wait, for after all isn't life about waiting? my case anxiously.

So I'll continue to think that "IT" is just waiting for the right moment to come into my life. What will "IT" say to me when the time comes?

"IT" shall say..."I'm sorry I kept you waiting, but life is about learning to live without me and about grasping those brief moments I do show up. Take those moments and hold them to your heart for I'm not always here. BUT...I will come back and just wait!"

And so here I am....waiting, and waiting, and waiting. What is "IT" you wonder?

IT is the ever elusive Happiness.

Please don't take too long to show up....dearest IT.

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