Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Random Me

some random things about myself

Its never too late to change direction or your attitude

Last night...I made awesome lamb chops, baked potato and salad.

Sometimes I wish...on the first star I see at night

Do you blush easily? yup, I have been known to do that

Sometimes I really enjoy having a good ramble (By "ramble" I mean talking wildly and happily about a bunch of totally random things without even pausing to take a breather).

I'm not a "comfort eater" - when Im a bit down or stressed I tend to lose my appetite and eat almost nothing.

Sipping champagne on a weekday afternoon is blissful

Sometimes a long car ride alone with a favourite CD is all you need to get back on track

If you don't try to run after your dreams , you will never know if you can catch them

Getting roses will always make me feel giddy

Currently I want... more music in my life, discipline to write/study more, pretty dresses

Sometimes I think that getting take out and eating it outside (aka "fast food picnic")is as nice as going to a pretty restaurant - don't you agree?

I have a rather twisted sense of humour at times - I definitely got it from my mother.

Am I happy? Yes. Sure, my life is not perfect yet, I could have a better job, I'm a work in progress....But I still have so many things to be deliriously happy about. It feels good.

At the moment I am buying far more books than I am reading. My book list of "want to read" has gotten ridiculously long. Here are a few books I am really looking forward to reading
* The Story Sisters - by Alice Hoffman
* The Lace Reader - by Brunonia Barry
* The lost book of Salem (also called "the physick book of Deliverence Dan" in USA)- by Katherine Howe
* The Girl who chased the Moon - by Sarah Addison Allen (due out in March 2010)

Currently I want... a new hair colour, The "500 days of summer" soundtrack, a bigger bookshelf, a Polaroid camera, a pretty dress, a french manicure and a puppy

chocolate croissant or blueberry muffin? definitely a chocolate croissant

Sometimes its totally ok not to have all the answers and to ask all the "wrong" questions :)

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