Friday, November 13, 2009

How Quickly the Year Has Gone

Happy November to all! The trees are undressing their glory...the ground a canvas painted by the many colorful fallen leaves. Just outside my writing room window, I see my backyard laden with the signs of summer's passing. Crunchy leaves scattered like confetti, invite me to venture out and tread upon them in childlike enjoyment. Very soon the tines of the rake shall make its own cacophony of sound as it clears away the dried offspring of our beautiful trees....clearing the canvas to make room for winter's snow.

Tis amazing how quickly this year has gone by. Christmas is just around the corner and Thanksgiving..practically tomorrow! So fast do the days go. Our present, so quickly made into the past...and our future already the present. I'm afraid to blink for fear I might miss something.

Truly dear friends, time is but a spec of dust..a grain of sand. Our days are but currents in the river of life and time. We should ride that current to our best ability..and while upon the river of life...we should aim for smooth sailing. Yes, the harsh waves will come, but we shall ride them out, for life is not meant to flow smoothly. Otherwise, how would we be able to appreciate all the good that comes, if we never knew the bad? How can we embrace the sun if we do not first know the gray clouds? How does one appreciate the warmth if never the touch of frost has been felt?

Though who says frost...clouds...and rain are so bad? I embrace them all for each in its own way graces us with something good. The cold lures us to the comfort of the hearth. The rain brings forth the colors of springtime..and washes away the snow of the winter. Those dark, dreary days..clouding the sky...they are somewhat magical for they inspire deep thought or if not that, they give us a day indoors to get some housework done. Now that is the magical part! *smiles*

I guess what I'm trying to say is...there is nothing bad that cannot bring forth something good. It has taken me many years to learn this...and loads of acceptance. Thus is life....precious in its education, and ever so delicate in essence. Life is short. Time doth fly. Do not waste a minute..or a second of it. Live it it...make the most of it!! Find the bliss, get through the bad, and forge on with a smile.

November has reminded me that we are near the year's end. I have lots to do and accomplish by the end of December. I want to begin 2010 fresh..with new experiences, new thoughts, new risks. I shall endeavor to end this year on a happy note, and begin the new one singing a happy song. Thus I shall set the tune for my future years, for they do go so fast!!

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