Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gifts From God

My friend, we all receive gifts from God.  I am not talking about the gift of his Son or Salvation.  I am talking about the gifts that God believes we need and deserve in our lives.  I believe God favors everyone with these gifts.  These gifts can be anything that God chooses to send to us. But, if there is a problem with these gifts, it is that some of us do not recognize these as gifts from God.

We all like to think we are spiritual, in the know, enlightend people.  And for some of us that is true.  But even these people do not recognize God's gifts to them.  And I believe this saddens him. 

He believes that He is presenting to these spiritual, enlightend people, the gift that only He can see they desire in their soul, in their heart, in their dreams.  A true, special gift, given freely, laid out before them.  As God watches over, he finds that the perfect gift he has sent someone is rejected, turned away from.  It is not because they are rejecting God's gift, they don't even know it is a gift from God.  They, who say they are in tune spiritualy, can hear God speak to them, are rejecting or denying the form the gift has taken.  They never realize that it came from God, they don't even consider the possibilty that God gave them what He thought knew they needed.

All they see is the outward trappings of the Gift.  And if those outward trappings do not measure up to what they think or believe it should look like, then they reject it, walk away and say not what I am looking for, not what I need, not beautiful enough for me, not special enough.

They never take the time to understand what has been placed before them.  Do they even ask "Why did this arrive in my life right now?"  "What is this that has arrived in my life at this time?"  "What lies beneath?"  No, they do not ask these questions.  They just see this that has arrived in their lives only superficially, and if it is not what they expected they move on, never stopping to think about the Gift itself.

I believe when this happes, the Angels weep, because they know that God chose this gift for you, because He knew this is what was needed in your life.  They know you are not denying God, they feel that you do not think that God can make the choice of the perfect Gift for you.

So the next time something or someone is placed into your life, and you weren't really looking for anything, just remember it might be a Gift from God.  Don't reject it outright, don't turn it away, explore it in more detail, delve deeper into its mysteries, you just might be surprised and say God knew what I needed and He gave me a gift.

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