Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Thank You for B.

Through out our lives many people come and go.  Some are just casual friendships that we let in for a little bit and then let drift away.  Others are much deeper than that.  Some people come into our lives and make changes to our lives.  I have here in the past met someone just like that.  Someone who has changed the way I view many things.  And the way I view life in gemeral.

He has opened doors that I would never have opened on my own.  He has helped me close some doors that needed to be closed, but I could not do on my own.  He has helped me realese the creativity that I knew was there, but just not able to bring it to the surface.  He helped me bring it forth to have it explode in a myriad of ways.  In bold colors, subdues undertones, splashes of whimsy.  He helped free a caged bird.  He helped set a free spirit free.  For all of this a mere thank you seems inadequate. 

He may not even know how much he has done.  He may think that he has done nothing.  But you know it's true B. (and you know I know),   Thank you is so small for what you have given me.  But my friend, there will come a day when I can return this gift to you.  It is a gift that must be returned in order for the Universe to feel right (you know this).  You can not give of yourself without receiving.

Thank You B. for everything.  (Thank you Universe for leading me to him) 


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