Sunday, July 4, 2010

Three Poems

lost in the maze of life
i wonder how shall i live
when no one cares for me
none heed to my tears
lost heart weeping for love
love pays no heed to my heart
with a soul marred and wasted
i wait for my silver lining
my heart crying a secret cry
for clandestine reasons many
my feelings i do not know how to express
and thoughts to unfold to my own
life treading in a painful path of thorns
and i am walking alone with no roses
and with no one by my side
tears racing down slowly from tired eyes
and heart bleeding for lost love
tears of my bosom unseen
are flowing like a swift river
in a topsy-turvy state now i am
in a crossroad i wonder deeply
which path waits my doom
and which road will be for me a boon
life once ebullient now silent
for doors of grief many have opened
just for my tired soul to bleed
with no blood but with pain
lost i have everything now
now what more am i going to lose ?
gone, all gone, days of ecstasy
when life was brimming with love
but gods' envy and wrath is on me
i tolerate with a heavy heart
with malaise, agony, and anguish
is there any one to care for me ?
none, no one, no one is such an angel
but everyone is rather curt
may be, my end is near
and i must retire to my barrow
to free myself from everything
all trials and tribulations that torment
so that peace and calmness embrace
my lost heart and marred soul
so that i will lie softly alone
in the deep soft earth in tranquility.

with no blood it is bleeding
but by deep love it is hurt
but no one to this lone heart heeding

because the evil in this heart is leading
and the doors of bliss is shut
with no blood it is bleeding

on pain and sorrow it is feeding
and living all alone in grief's hut
but no one to this lone heart heeding

because the whole world thinks it is kidding
but no one knows it is by love cut
with no blood it is bleeding

to the coffin of sorrows it is heading
for someone has to it hurt
but no one to this lone heart heeding
with love in life it was dwindling
but now it is all alone and everyone is curt
with no blood it is bleeding
still no one to this lone heart heeding

secretly, silently
very alone and disconsolate
isolated from this evil cruel world
she weeps in the darkness of the night
for death

complex inscrutable
emotions, feelings and thoughts
in her lovely heart violently sway
and thus lying alone with a bleeding heart
she weeps

crying slowly
and an angelic cry
with tears running down her face
she waits for her lost love to return
for her

bliss, comfort
she lost very easily
in her dear life, and heart
she lost for her angel, is with her
lost love

waiting anxiously
with unending tears flowing
and painful bleeding heart in her
coffin of sorrows, with soul wreathed in pain
she bleeds

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